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At Mindful Milestones Psychotherapy, all our therapy sessions are offered in-person in Brandon, MB, or virtually across Canada. Monija and her dedicated, compassionate, and trauma-informed team of clinicians offer empirically proven therapy modalities to help you achieve your goals.

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Trauma and PTSD

At Mindful Milestones Psychotherapy Services, we understand the profound impact of trauma and PTSD. Our experienced therapists offer a compassionate, evidence-based approach to help you heal and regain control over your life. We're here to support your journey to recovery.

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Complex Childhood Trauma/Attachment Trauma

Healing from complex childhood trauma and attachment issues requires a specialized approach. Our therapists are trained to provide a safe space for exploration and healing. We'll work with you to address the root causes and build healthy, secure connections.

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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a powerful tool for processing past traumas and emotional disturbances. Our therapists are certified in EMDR, offering a proven path to alleviate distress and promote emotional well-being.

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Relational Challenges

Relationships can be complex, and challenges are a part of life. We offer guidance and support to navigate relational difficulties. Our therapists help you build healthier connections, enhance communication, and create more fulfilling relationships.

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Anxiety, stress, burnout

Anxiety, stress, and burnout can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Our therapists are skilled in helping you develop coping strategies and resilience to overcome these challenges, allowing you to find balance and peace.

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Coping Skills and Emotional Regulation

Building effective coping skills and emotional regulation is essential for maintaining mental wellness. Our therapists provide practical tools and strategies to help you manage your emotions and navigate life's ups and downs with resilience.

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Depression and Isolation

Depression and feelings of isolation can be overwhelming. Our compassionate therapists are here to offer support and evidence-based treatments to help you regain a sense of purpose, connection, and hope.

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Disordered Eating

Struggles with disordered eating can be emotionally and physically challenging. Our therapists specialize in helping individuals develop a healthier relationship with food and their bodies, promoting lasting recovery and well-being.

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Self-esteem and Body image

Building self-esteem and a positive body image is crucial for overall mental health. Our therapists provide a nurturing environment to explore these aspects of your self-concept, fostering self-acceptance and confidence.

Relationships and Sexuality

Our therapists offer a safe space to address issues related to relationships and sexuality. We support individuals and couples in navigating challenges, enhancing intimacy, and fostering a healthier connection with their sexuality.

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Loss and Grief

Grief is a unique journey for everyone. Our therapists are here to provide compassionate support during times of loss. We help you process your emotions, find meaning, and gradually rebuild a sense of hope and purpose.

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Meaning Of Life

Exploring the meaning of life is a profound and personal journey. Our therapists offer a reflective space to delve into existential questions, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your purpose and values.

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Parenting Support

Parenting comes with its own set of challenges. Our therapists provide valuable parenting support, offering strategies, communication skills, and emotional guidance to help you navigate the complexities of raising children.

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Major Life Transitions

Major life transitions can be both exciting and daunting. Our therapists assist you in managing these changes, helping you adapt, find clarity, and embrace new opportunities in your evolving life journey.

Mindful Milestone Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Our compassionate team of therapists offers play-therapy, CBT, DBT, and trauma-focused CBT to support children and families through challenging life experiences.

Are you ready to take the first step toward healing and self-discovery? Join Mindful Milestones Psychotherapy Services on your therapeutic journey. Our compassionate team is here to support you in your path to emotional well-being and personal growth.